New Album “Sounds Of The City” Out 03/06/22

OUT NOW for pre-order: new album from MC3 “Sounds Of The City

Sounds Of The City, my new album with MC3, is available for pre-order now. If you buy now, you get 2 tracks immediately (you can listen to these now), and the rest when it releases. 

I’m also really excited to announce that it will be released on my new label, Phonocene. Head on over to Bandcamp to check it all out. I’d love if you could give me a follow there too.

As always, I’m eternally grateful to the awesome people who helped to make this album possible. Special thanks to Charlotte Keeffe on trumpet/flugelhorn and James Edmunds on drums.

Sounds Of The City sees MC3 engaging in a series of musical conversations, inspired by their own urban environments, and through sonic exploration; interweaving dialogues between three distinctive voices: guitar, trumpet and drums.

Matt Clark – guitar
Charlotte Keeffe – trumpet/flugelhorn
James Edmunds – drums