Matt Clark is an experimental guitarist/composer from Brighton, England.

His career has spanned 35 years, most recently encompassing free jazz, avant-garde, experimental and electronic music.

He “crafts music as if he were journaling experiences from daily life… this is anything but unmethodical music making.” [Mark Corroto – All About Jazz]

Matt is currently working with MC3; a new improvised jazz trio with Charlotte Keeffe (Charlotte Keeffe Quartet, the London Improvisers Orchestra) on trumpet and James Edmunds (Daisy Chute, Tara Lily) on drums. June 2022 sees the release of the new album,Sounds Of The City on Phonocene Records, with the trio engaging in a series of musical conversations, inspired by their own urban environments, and through sonic exploration; interweaving dialogues between three distinctive voices: guitar, trumpet and drums.

The sense of release, freedom and sheer joy in the music is palpable… It is also brave and experimental…

Sammy Stein – Free Jazz Collective

“Sounds Of The City” is available to pre-order on Bandcamp here.

“MC3 was originally conceived in 2020, during the first lockdown. It was always intended to be a physical trio, but as musicians couldn’t play together at the time, I decided to experiment with what I could create in my home studio. This meant recording everything I could play myself and supplementing that with samples. As things gradually opened up, I began to collaborate with “real” musicians, initially recorded remotely, then in varying live settings.

MC3 as it stands now is how I originally intended it to be, but it’s been a journey getting here! I first collaborated with Charlotte and James last year on an album which experimented with where and how the musicians were recorded. The latest album, Sounds Of The City, is really the first proper release that was recorded in a studio and didn’t include ambient background sounds. I wanted to create something that allowed us to “converse” with each other via our respective instruments.

The new album is, I think, where I want to be now. It’s also the beginning of a new journey – it’s partly for this reason that I decided to release it on Phonocene Records, to make a break away from past incarnations and start afresh.”

Please contact Matt here for any project enquiries.