Matt’s previous releases have evoked a sense of space, of moving through a city, written and recorded with a feeling of wanting to escape during lockdown.

Now with a new quartet of Matt on guitar, Charlotte Keeffe on trumpet, Ozzy Moysey on double bass and James Edmunds on drums, the urban theme is continued with an exploration of music recorded in unconventional spaces; field recordings, jams recorded using unconventional methods; free improvisation, developing themes without rehearsing to retain an air of immediacy, spontaneity.

The new album “Music In Unusual Spaces” documents the strange feeling of coming out of lockdown, of spaces opening up, gigs back on (and then off), the joy of getting out, being allowed out, a record of the city waking up…

Matt and James were recorded live at The Bees Mouth in Hove on 17th September 2021. The performance took place in the bar by the front windows, which were left open a little and a mic placed in the gap. This way, both the music and the ambient sounds of the street during the performance were recorded.

Ozzy was recorded on Trafalgar Street, Brighton, in the tunnel under the station concourse. The mic was placed close to the bass, but with a wide pan to capture passersby and moving traffic.

Charlotte was recorded by the canal at Camden Lock, London. The acoustics were fantastic – reflecting off the water and the apartment block opposite, creating a natural delay. The mic was wide panned, but held facing the building opposite, to maximise the capture of reflected sounds from nearby.