The Devil’s Storybook – Annika Brown

I’m really excited to be working with singer-songwriter Annika Brown on the arrangements and performance of her upcoming album “The Devil’s Storybook” “[Matt’s] guitar and Annika’s voice… you’ve got some pretty tasty potential there!” For more info on Annika, and to preview the album, please visit her website:¬†

DADDAD Project

I’ve decided to record a number of tracks for a new project, DADDAD, which I’ve been experimenting with for a couple of months now. The title comes from the tuning – DADDAD, and the plan is to record 6 improvised tracks using the notes as inspiration. It could turn out to be a really restrictive… Continue reading DADDAD Project

Blow! – Experimental/Improvisation

Here’s a piece (currently being performed by Caaw) from last year, an experimental jam using 2 guitars and a loop pedal. It was mainly inspired by Marc Ribot‘s playing on Tom Waits’ Rain Dogs album and his live version of Fat Man Blues with the Marc Ribot Trio.