“One of Leicester’s “best kept secrets” of the mid-1990’s, Cardboard were the most authentically psychedelic, trippy and eccentric of bands around. They took over the mantle from Courtyard Moth really, with dozens of memorable gigs over an 18 month period. They are only documented by the one cassette: CONCENTRATE (on Sycophant) when the line-up comprised: Matt Formica (vocals, guitars), Pete Chipboard (bass), Mr. X (percussion, vocals), Steve Pinepanel (drums), Mr. Y (keyboards), Adam ‘Ski’ Hardwood (samples) – you guessed they were not really a serious troupe, one part Syd Barret era Pink Floyd, the other Bonzo’s with an experimental prog edge. For a while Matt bought almost everything I compared them to: Nine Day’s wonder, Cornucopia, Gnidrolog, etc., and regularly frequented the UT shop. At one time they were doing really well and a record deal was in the pipeline. Then line-up problems caused them to refocus, with a friend of ours Malcolm joining as the new drummer, when they would psychedelic freak-outs spinning their outrageous take on the Pink Panther Theme to its limits, and some. Eventually though they fizzled out, with Matt attempting reinvent them under the guise of Psydeboard, and later with the name Electric Orange, but the magic was now lost. A shame, as they were amongst Leicester’s finest.”

Alan Freeman – Ultima Thule

Cardboard – Lazy Susan EP (2014)